Frequently Asked Questions

Who is All Concrete Coatings?

All Concrete Coatings is an installation company supplying our customers with a colored concrete coating material made of Portland cement, silica sand, and modified acrylics, used for bonding to new and existing concrete surfaces.

How thick is it?

In most applications our coating ranges from ¼ of an inch thick. Although it can be applied thinner or thicker if necessary, depending on the concrete condition.

How is it applied?

Depending on the design chosen we have specialized equipment that we bring to the installation site, where our trained installers perform the quality installation.

What Does it look like?

Refer to our gallery section of this website.

How is it colored?

Depending on the design chosen we have multiple ways of coloring the finish from acrylic finishes to stains and even mixed pigments. (multiple colors are available)

How long will the coating last?

Our coating is designed to last the life of the concrete with minimal maintenance and care once installed.

How long does the installation take?

A typical project will take anywhere from 2 to 4 days depending on weather, the condition of the concrete and size of the project. Once complete you may walk on the surface usually within 5-6 sunny hours.

Does my swimming pool need to be drained?

No, we require the pool to be full if has already been plastered, we protect the pool including tile and coping when applicable, there usually is some residue left over from the installation, all of our products are water based and will not harm your pool or equipment.

Will the pool water stain the coating?

No, our products are designed with pool chemicals in mind, our coatings are not affected.

Can standing water be corrected?

In many cases yes, however more often we end up just moving the low spot from one location to another. When your project is looked at we can usually inform you about what to expect.

How do you fix cracks in the concrete prior to the installation?

Depending on what has caused the crack tells us how to repair it. Small cracks get treated with a urethane material, larger cracks are repaired with an epoxy product, and hairline cracks usually go untreated and rarely return.

What if a crack comes back?

Although we treat and eliminate most cracks it is possible they may re-occur in these instances we can choose to treat the cracks in a different manner such as saw cuts or our custom score line effect. (these issues are usually noticed and discussed before the project begins) However all cracks can be repaired for a minimal service charge.

What if something happens to my project after my guarantee expires?

All of our products are repairable. We provide services even after your guarantee expires for a minimal service fee.

Can your products be applied over painted concrete?

Yes and No, any foreign substances need to be removed first such as paint, carpet glue, etc. once these items are removed we can then coat the concrete surface.

Can the coating be applied over driveways?

Yes, provided that the driveway is not asphalt, all driveways can be coated including pea gravel. Vehicular traffic has no effect on durability.

Will the coating be higher than the concrete not being coated?

No, in these cases the coating is tapered down to these areas to avoid any trip hazards.

What is the Guarantee?

All Concrete Coatings Guarantees the installation of the coating for a period of either Two or Five Years depending on the product chosen this includes (chipping, flaking, peeling, and bond failure of the coating surface) However severe sub strait movement and cracks in the existing concrete are not covered, but they are repairable for a minimal service fee. Guarantees may vary depending on the product chosen contact your sales rep. for further applicable guarantees.

Can you fix uneven concrete?

Yes, very easily in most cases.

How does your coating compare to removing and replacing my concrete?

The cost is typically 35 – 45% less than removal and replacement and the looks are much better than plain gray concrete.

How do I clean the surface of my new installation?

Normal cleaning is a simple garden hose, for stubborn stains or spills you can use a simple solution of laundry detergent and water, scrubbing with a stiff bristle brush (not wire) Touch up kits are also available.

Is your coating hot on your feet?

On average our coatings are about 30 – 40% cooler than concrete, depending on the colors you choose. The lighter the color the cooler the surface.

Hopefully, we have answered some of your questions.

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