All Concrete Coatings has multiple services available for the transformation of your new or existing concrete.

Below is a list of services that we offer for your next renovation project.

  1.    Decorative Spray Texture

  2.    Decorative Stamp Overlays

  3.    Acid Staining

  4.    Concrete Sealers

  5.    Anti Slip Applications

  6.    Garage Floor Finishes

  7.    Granite Effect Patterns

  8.    Multiple Concrete Designs

  9.    Swimming Pool Tile

  10.    Swimming Pool Re-Plaster

  11.    Complete Pool Remodeling

  12.    Concrete Power Washing

  13.    Joint Sealants

Coat Virtually Any Concrete Surface

  1.    New Concrete

  2.    Old Concrete

  3.    Pea Gravel

  4.    Old Kool Deck

  5.    Garage Floors

  6.    Pool Decks

  7.    Driveways

  8.    Walkways

  9.    Block Walls

  10.    And Much More

If you have any other questions,
please feel free to E-Mail or call our office at:

(281) 528-7600

Services Offered